New book: Les plus belles montagnes suisses


PlusBellesMontagnesSuisseMario Colonel seems to need to distance himself from it to savour its curves as the sun coats them in crimson. He is often scattered with the occasional two-legged visitor thrown into relief between his own shadow and the sun. Other relationships include the infinitely small, which these rocky monsters make us, and the infinitely humble, in contrast to our miserably human reality.
While it occupies only a tenth of the Alps, half of the area of Switzerland is given over to them and it contains half of the chain’s 4000-metre peaks! The text of this book resolutely echoes the respect that mountaineering inspires in climbers. Its breath-taking and often previously unpublished images record the shared passion of this man for this project.
Each mountain has its own story, often lost in ancient tales of the day a madman decided to climb it. The nature of the mountains, by bringing us closer to the skies and their mystery, celebrate their universal beauty. They are a source of life and of simplicity and allow men to rise up, moved as they stand before such motionless power.
It is this force that both these men are celebrating in their survey of over 70 regal monoliths of granite and limestone. This is a festival of shadow and light, a ballet of orange dawns, of the sun at its zenith, and an ode to nature.
From Mont Dolent to the Piz Buin, the Eiger to the Matterhorn, the book keeps its promise of raw and rugged beauty sprinkled with anecdotes and histories, tales in which nature is a theatre of wonder.
Jean-Marie Choffat.

Publication : november 2013

240 pages, full color
Public price : 74 CHF
Format : 26 x 37 cm (very large format)
Publisher : éditions du Belvédère

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