Paolo Albertelli, artist sculptor

Paolo Albertelli sculpture de montagne

It was chance that brought Paolo into our gallery in June 2010 and his sculptures have been delighting visitors ever since, his combination of clean lines and raw materials producing striking results.

Born in Turin in 1966, Paolo Albertelli honed his skills as an architect and sculptor as an assistant in a number of major ateliers of the Italian Arte Povera movement. These included Gilberto Zorio, Marco Gastini, Luigi Mainolfi and other artists such as Sergio Fermariello, and he trained through working in their workshops and managing a large number of their exhibitions.
At the same time, he has worked with several major landscape gardeners, including Paolo Peyrone and Anne Peyron, in the design and construction of parks and gardens.
Together with his wife, the architect Mariagrazia Abbaldo, he has run his own architectural studio since 1999, further strengthening ties between the two professions.
His sculptures have also been exhibited in the Reinhold Messner museum since 2011 (
His sculptures have been on display in our gallery in Chamonix since the summer of 2010. Surrounded by Mario Colonel’s black and white prints, his work has been a huge success, delighting mountain enthusiasts and art lovers alike.
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“Each element contributes to the whole…

Through this work I am pursuing a search into the heart of the lexicon of real and virtual experiences, its language turning around fundamental themes of my life and of spaces experienced or imagined.
In my mental archives experiences from the atelier are intertwined with those lived outside, a physiological imperative pushing me to live these panoramas, together with so many other imperatives that make me represent them, allowing me to retain contact with them by describing and deconstructing them.
The representations, here made two-dimensional, are the result of a simple and essential cut and have their own life (which makes way for the imagination of the person viewing them) through the materials they are made from, and the colours and patina that may eventually cover them.”


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Mezzalama-33-corten-02Musée Reinhold Messner sculpture Midi Lune

Paolo Albertelli sculpture Passeggiata-corten

Paolo Albertelli sculpture ponte-legno